Options for Outdated and Damaged Gear


The photographic industry makes rapid advancements. With groundbreaking technology developing every year, you're likely to accumulate quite the collection of gear trying to keep up with the highest quality equipment. To make the most of your technological investments, consider practicing these tips!

KEH Spring Event At Pictureline

Don't wait for your tax return to upgrade your camera gear! KEH is back to give you money for the products you no longer use. KEH guarantees a hassle free experience - no online marketplaces, no advertising, no waiting. With the world's largest used inventory of pre-owned equipment, their equipment assessments can be trusted to offer you the most for your photographic equipment.

Professional appkehraisals will be performed by KEH during our event. Compensation will be offered by means of a check or pictureline store credit. Recieve 10% above appraised value when you choose to be reimbursed on a pictureline gift card.

Dates and times for the KEH Spring Buyback:

Thursday March 24th 10:00am - 4:30pm: By appointment only for collections of 8 or more products (please send an email to nick@pictureline.com to receive an appointment time).

Friday March 25th 10:00am - 4:30pm: Open to public

Saturday March 26th 10:00am - 1:30pm: Open to public

Pictureline Classifieds

Pictureline's free classifieds platform allows local artists to stay current with evolving technology while getting the most out of your old gear. Here, you take the reins of your equipment sales. We simply give you a space to turn over your product quickly for the highest value possible. Unload the equipment you have lying around, and turn it into cash for the industry's newest releases!

Keep Your Gear Alive with Repairs

Revive your inoperable camera bodies and lenses that have been collecting dust since "the incident." Shattered lens elements and sticky shutters are not a lost cause. In fact, we'd be happy to manage the repair process for you to make it a painless recovery. If your gear is still under warranty, your only responsibility is the shipping cost; we'll take care of the rest! Visit our Repairs Page to view the list of repairs we oversee.


Regular Maintenance

Photography equipment, however delicate, is bound to find its way into harsh terrains, and we are here to help you maintain their condition through all your cherished experiences. There are two regularly overlooked simple services that can dramatically improve your image quality – cleaning your camera’s sensor, and fine-tuning your auto focus system.

If you are producing soft images even from your finest equipment, you may have a focus issue. The complex autofocus system in your camera is completed by communication between a body and a lens. Because the two are manufactured separately, they often do not perform optimally straight out of the box. Fine-tuning your auto focus system with each lens dramatically improves your picture quality by creating consistently sharp images. Pictureline microfocus adjustments will be completed by 5pm the same day when you drop off your equipment with a full battery before 2pm!

Your mirror and sensor become exposed to minute particles of debris as you swap out lenses. These particles emerge as spots or streaks in your photos. Your camera sensor is very delicate and is covered by a filter that scratches easily – even by dust. Sensor cleaning services should be done when spots appear on photos, or after lens exchanges have been handled in dusty environments. Do not use lens cleaning cloths to try to remove debris from your sensor. Dragging dust along the sensor with a cloth may scratch it.


February 2016

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