How To: Photographing Kids

Working With Children

We have photographed a lot of kids over the years and we like to think that we do it rather well! Here at pictureline, we have so many photographers with a lot of wisdom and we love to help out our fellow photographers!

One of the things our photographers have learned is how to make children feel comfortable. Because if the kids aren't comfortable it will be almost impossible to get the shots you were hoping to capture.


Kids are fun, lighthearted, and easy going - as long as everything is going their way. So, our biggest suggestion is location, location, location. Pick a spot that will be fun and interactive where they will feel comfortable. Such as the park, or the zoo, or if its too cold outside great photos can be captured inside the place they will feel most comfortable - their home. If you are planning on doing it inside, we recommend setting them up in front up a big window, so you can capture all of that yummy natural light in their eyes.

Next, we recommend that you meet them on their level. Chat with them about what they like, have them show you their toys, and you can show them your camera and how it works. If the kids form a bond with you, we promise your photos will turn out ten times better.


Sometimes that means jumping around, making silly faces, and cracking jokes all while trying to balance your camera and get the shot. Not easy, but you'll get the hang of it after a few times of practice!

When photographing kids you have to be quick and on your toes. They move in unpredictable ways, and often faster than your shutter can go 'click'. This is why you will always want to shoot in continuous focus mode (AF-C)! It will help your focus stay on point so you don't get home and realize all you have is a bunch of blurry photos.


Our very own pictureline photographer, Stacy with Three Winks Studio, has captured all of the photos you've seen so far in this post. Her advice is to not be too serious! She says, "I love photographing kids because their true personalities shine through if I help them feel comfortable, make them laugh, and get them to interact with me. My favorite 'tricks' are to have them tell me a joke, play 'peek-a-boo' with my camera (this works with adults too, by the way), and ask them loads of questions. Dancing and jumping around are always great distractors from getting their picture taken, especially if they are more rambunctious. If I have fun with them, then they'll have fun with me, and I can truly capture their personality."

Stacy's advice is so important, relax and be happy! Your attitude will rub off on your models and help them feel comfortable and excited about getting their pictures taken.


Every shoot will feel more comfortable than the last, so just keep shootin'!

February 2017

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