TetherTools: Securing Cables for a Hassle-Free Workflow

We've all done it, unintentionally tugged on a cable from a charging phone or a downloading camera and watched the cord slip between the desk and wall. How about that one time you accidentally pulled on the USB cord, ripping it out of your computer and possibly damaging the port? Its probably happened more times that you'd like, but now there's a solution to make your workspace a little more worry-free from having to hunt for that cable behind your desk.

With several options offered by JerkStopper™, you can now secure all your wires and cables to any desk, nightstand or studio-workstation for easy access as well as a JerkStopper for your computer that plugs directly into the USB to avoid any unwanted tugging on your laptop or camera.

JerkStopper Catch™

The JerkStopper Catch™ is an ideal device to anchor your cables to a desk, nightstand, workstation or any flat surface for easy access.  Holding cables from 3.5mm to 8.5mm in diameter, you can use the JerkStopper for just about anything, providing a simple alternative for keeping your cables organized.  Just anchor the Catch™ to your flat surface with the provided Velcro, or permanently affix it with an epoxy or adhesive for long term use, and it's ready to go! No more losing your cables behind the desk, and damaging your devices!

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JerkStopper Laptop Safety Kit

If you're looking for an option for on-location shooting, or even a permanent fixture for your personal workspace, the JerkStopper Laptop Safety Kit is the perfect device.  The Safety Kit removes the stress from a cable or cord ensuring the plug stays plugged in and protects against damage.  When plugged into the computer or laptop, the JerkStopper cable retention device provides an anchored point, which allows slack in the cord that prevents stress and dislodging from the computer and saving you hundreds of dollars in potential damage.  Included in the kit is a JerkStopper USB Port, RJ45 Network Jack and RJ11 Telephone Jack, allowing you several options for cable attachment.

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JerkStopper Tethering Kit

The JerkStopper Tethering Kit offers the on-the-go photographer an option to make your shooting and editing on-location as worry-free as possible.  With a complete tethered set-up, the JerkStopper secures the cable on both the camera and computer.  Included is the Clip-On that will work with any flat surface simply by sliding the clip onto the surface to anchor, as well as the Flat Mount with Velcro much like the JerkStopper Catch™.  The JerkStopper's Stretch and Twist are also useful for connecting to the camera for anchoring and immediate downloading of images without fear of tripping on the cord and taking the camera with you.

tether-tools-jerkstopper-tethering-kit-camera-clip-on-mount-cable-retention-support Photo provided by TetherTools.

With all JerkStopper tools, once initially installed, the Camera Support's quick disconnect enables future tethering set-up in seconds, as well as quick disconnect when you want to quickly unhook any of the tools from the cable.

Purchase Tether Tools JerkStopper Tethering Kit

Purchase Tether Tools JerkStopper Tethering Kit w/ USB Mount

If you're interested in learning more about Tether Tools and tethering, join us at our Tether Tools Event on May 18th!

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