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Shootipedia is the best place to share, find, and rate the perfect photo shoot location. Fueled by professional and amateur photographers from around the world, the Shootipedia community is growing rapidly as well as the locations submitted and shared.

Finding locations from your desktop is easy!

Shootipedia started a little over a year ago to fill a huge need in the photography community. Most photographers like to help their peers and give advice and assistance whenever they can, however keeping up with questions about locations to shoot can be very difficult, and no one photographer knows every location that is great. Now with Shootipedia a photographer can submit new locations they find to the app or the website and it will be available for others to search for and utilize for their own photography. No longer does a photographer have to wait for answers on a forum post, or drive around hoping to get inspired. That inspiration can come directly from the app.

Shootipedia - Desktop

Shootipedia - App

 The Shootipedia App allows you to find locations on the go.

Shootipedia was created when Chris Adzima, the creator of the app started out as a Photographer in Utah with zero knowledge for locations that were great for portraits.  It was only through the help of others that Chris started to learn the areas of interest and the best spots to shoot.  It was with the idea of sharing and community that was used to create Shootipedia.  It was the perfect mixture of Chris' two passions and it allowed him to help people who were in the same situation he was once in.

Shootipedia - Image Search

Use Image Search to get inspiration or find the perfect location.

Shootipedia started as a website and soon after launched a mobile app on both iOS and Android platforms. The mobile app is ever evolving based on feedback from the Shootipedia community.  If there is something that a user wants the site or app to do, I will work tirelessly to get that feature incorporated. In fact, the last three major upgrades to the app were based solely on user feedback.

Submitting locations is easy!

Sharing is the most important thing for Shootipedia, and because of this, the app makes submitting locations as easy as possible. Plus, both the app and the website allow for locations to be submitted. Map and address searches are available on all platforms, allowing you to pin point the location exactly. In the next major release Shootipedia will be introducing a Quick Submit feature, which will allow you to take a quick image with your phone and a location will be instantly created using just the information from the picture.

Shootipedia - Submit

For more information on Shootipedia, discover new locations or to submit a location for other photographers, visit their website and be sure to like Shootipedia on Facebook for a major update very soon!

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