We invite you to gather for lunch at pictureline with our product specialists to become familiar with what’s fresh on the market. Seating is limited and classes run for an hour and a half. Because of the intimate class size, we generally recommend you bring subject-appropriate equipment for more effective hands-on learning. Reservations are only $14.95 per meal, and are nonrefundable. Please contact support@pictureline.com to inform us of any dietary restrictions when you register.

Since the day Pictureline opened its doors, we have devoted ourselves to building relationships with photographers and videographers. To honor the talent we have seen develop in many of our friends, we’d like to give them the stage. Pictureline Seminars celebrate the successes of very talented artists with the photography community. Following the seminar, the $14.95 reservation fee will be refunded to you on a pictureline gift card so you may continue to cultivate your skills with us for years to come.

There is no better way to learn photography than to test your skills out alongside other professionals. Pictureline Workshops are dedicated to train you in very particular proficiencies. We will often set up studio space, props, and other equipment to provide an ideal learning climate. Use of personal equipment is encouraged, and specialized items may be provided for workshop use, when indicated.

Pictureline hopes to inspire education as you invest in photography as your hobby or profession. Every Saturday from 10:00am to 11:30am, we offer introductory photography courses to familiarize you with your DSLR. We bring new topics to the table every week so your knowledge may progress throughout the month. The first and second Saturdays of each month are dedicated to the controls and menus of Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras, respectively. The second class is focused on the setup and exposure of your images; the third is dedicated to workflow, lens choice and post processing to perfect your final photo. On months that have five Saturdays, we create a fourth class to introduce you to natural, flash, and studio lighting options.

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