Sensor Cleanings



Are you tired of sitting in front of a computer for hours removing specs of dust from your images?

While dust and microscopic debris on your sensor is unavoidable, it can noticeably affect image quality if not regularly removed. Our expert staff can clean your sensor within one business day, and get your camera back to the best condition to capture your images.

Please drop off your camera body with a fully charged battery.



Need it sooner? No problem! We offer a rush service for an additional $35.00 that moves you to the front of the line and you can even wait while the technician cleans your sensor.

PLEASE NOTE: Although you are free to drop off your camera, due to reduced staffing, we are unable to perform any sensor cleanings on Saturdays. We may also have extended wait times, or discontinue rush service, during Digitalfest or other special events held at the store.