Lens Calibrations



Is your camera not focusing where you want it to?

Due to the delicate mechanics of a DSLR camera, normal use can sometimes cause lenses to become misaligned over time. Using our computerized calibration techniques, and in partnership with Tether Tools, pictureline calibrations are more accurate than ever. Pair your camera with each lens through micro-focus adjustments for optimal images. You won’t have to wonder if your lens will focus properly during your shoot, you can photograph with confidence and enjoy tack sharp images. This service may diagnose and fix focus issues, saving you money on unnecessary repairs.

Have a Sigma lens? Sigma lenses have extra features built in that allow for a more accurate calibration. Instead of only being able to save one or two focus values, Sigma lenses offer from 4 to 16 different values.

A report of your calibration will be emailed to you upon request.

Please drop off your camera body with a fully charged battery.



Additional lenses calibrated to the same body.



A deluxe calibration is also available. This extra service will pinpoint the sharpest aperture of each lens as well as analyze your lens’ focus consistency.

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