John Haymore

Salt Lake City, Utah

Hello there, I’m John Haymore, a photographer with a deep passion for landscapes. Ever since I took my first road trip to Moab over twenty years ago, I’ve been in awe of the magnificent sandstone formations that Southern Utah holds. That single trip began decades of returned adventures, discovering new places I had no idea existed. Those encounters with serene locations left me craving for a way to hold on to those memories and preserve the surrounding beauty.

During my schooling of graphic design, my visual acuity developed as I learned the principles of design, color theory, composition, perspective, and creating narrative. As part of my learning, I took photography courses that forever changed my life. For years I had a burning desire to capture the beauty of the landscapes that I was venturing out to, but lacked the means to do so. Photography changed that in a significant way. I was instantly obsessed with it and so began my continuous journey of learning, studying, practicing, failing, and improving. Now, photography plays a huge role in my life, my creative process, my motivation, has altered my thought process, and enriches visual experiences.

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