Aputure LS-mini20 3-Light Flight Kit (Daylight/Bi-Color)

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Product Highlights

  • 7500K/3200-6500K Variable Color Temperature
  • Dimmable From 20-100%
  • CRI & TLCI Ratings: 97/96
  • 20-80°/20-60° Beam Spread

Included Items

  • 2 x LS-mini20 Bi-Daylight Heads
  • 1 x LS-mini20 Bi-Color Heads
  • 3 x 4-Way Barndoors
  • 3 x NP-F970 Batteries and Chargers
  • 3 x Battery Adapters
  • 3 x AC Power Supply
  • 3 x Universal Cold Shoe Mounts
  • 3 x Crab Clamps
  • 3 x D-Tap to XLR Cables
  • 3 x USB Type-A to XLR Cables
  • 3 x Filters (5500K)
  • 3 x Filters (3200K)
  • Padded Case
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
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Lightweight and easy to transport, the Aputure LS-mini20 3-Light Flight Kit (Daylight/Bi-Color) is perfect for shooting on-site as well as in the studio. The kit includes two Light Storm LS-mini20d Daylight LED Lights and one Light Storm LS-mini20c Bi-Color LED Light, along with every accessory needed for setup and operation, as well as a sturdy padded case for storage or travel.

Part of Aputure’s popular Light Storm series, the LS-mini20c Bi-Color LED Light features a variable color temperature range of 3200 to 6500K, and dimmable light intensity from 20 to 100%. Achieve accurate rendition of color with CRI/TLCI ratings of 96, and easily shape the 20 to 60° beam spread using the included 4-way barndoors.

Also a part of Aputure’s Light Storm series, the LS-mini20d Daylight LED Lights have a color temperature of 7500K, and dimmable light intensity from 20 to 100%. CRI/TLCI ratings of 97 help ensure accurate color rendition, and the 20 to 80° beam spread is controlled using the 4-way barndoors included in the kit.

Both the LS-mini20d and the LS-mini20c can be powered using either the AC adapter, NP-F970 battery, or with any standard 5V power bank or V-mount battery using the D-Tap cable.