NanLite Halo 16 Bicolor 16in LED

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Product Highlights

  • Studio quality Lighting
  • Full creative control with temperature and brightness
  • Never run out of power with USB passthrough

Included Items

  • Halo 16 Bi-Color 16" LED Ring Light
  • Smartphone Bracket
  • Mirror
  • AC Adapter
  • Carry Case
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty (Extendable to 3-Years)
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Adding to the collection of NanLite Halo series LED ring lights, the NanLite Halo 16 Bicolor 16in LED light is a versatile lighting source generating soft, near-shadowless light. Perfect for vlogging and live streaming as well as beauty lighting, portrait photography and small product photography, the NanLight Halo 16 Bicolor 16in LED light has a range of 3200-5600K variable color temperature, high CRI and TLCI scores, and power-source flexibility for ease of use in a variety of shooting applications.

Wide range of color temperature

Easily accessible control knobs on the NanLite Halo 16 Bicolor 16in LED light make it easy to adjust light intensity and temperature through the 3200-5600K range, allowing for increased lighting expression, or accurate matching with other fixtures and ambient lighting.

High color accuracy

You can be sure you’re getting precision color to your camera with the NanLite Halo 16 Bicolor 16in LED light. A Color Rendering Index (CRI) score of 95 and a Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI) of 93 ensures skin tones and other hard to capture colors look accurate in a variety of media.

Power source flexibility

The NanLite Halo 16 Bicolor 16in LED light can be powered by either an AC adapter (included), or by a Sony NP-F battery (not included). A USB power passthrough feature allows users to charge smartphones, USB-equipped cameras or other devices while the light is in use.

Industry-standard mount

With a 5/8” receiver mount, the NanLite Halo 16 Bicolor 16in LED light will mount to nearly any manufacturer’s light stand (not included). The light also comes with a smartphone bracket, allowing for easy placement in the center of the light—ideal for vlogging or live streaming.