Nikon Z6 Filmmaker’s Kit

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Your video productions have evolved. More sophisticated. More ambitious. Your video gear needs to deliver on your vision without compromise. When you’re ready for your video content to rise above ordinary, the Z 6 Filmmaker’s Kit gives you the tools you need to step up your production in one convenient bundle. Smooth, steady and cinematic full-frame 4K Ultra HD. Compatible with a vast selection of stellar NIKKOR lens options. Flexible, external monitoring and recording. Smooth, clean audio. And all the key components to make your next video project stand out.

The Full Frame Advantage

Z 6's full frame backside-illuminated CMOS sensor is approximately 1.5 times larger than DX, APS-C and Super 35 formats to achieve the widest angle of view possibly from your lenses, broader dynamic range, shallower depth of field and cleaner low light performance.

Brilliant 4K Ultra HD

Capture rich 4K video content that's four times the resolution of Full HD (3840x2160 compared to 1920x1080) for greater, denser image data and higher quality images.

Full-Pixel Readout

The Z 6 is one of the few full-frame mirrorless cameras on the market capable of full-pixel readout, utilizing more pixels as compared to typical readout methods–equivalent to 6K–to deliver sharp, beautiful 4K UHD video with minimized noise, aliasing and artifacting.

Optically superior NIKKOR Z lenses

The growing lineup of new NIKKOR Z lenses were designed to take full advantage of the Z 6’s larger mount and shorter flange distance. But the benefits of NIKKOR Z lenses don’t stop there. As a videographer, you’ll notice reduced focus breathing, less wobbling and quieter autofocus. They also feature a new control ring that can be customized for smooth, quiet power aperture control or exposure compensation. The included NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f/4 S is the ideal versatile lens to start your video lens arsenal.

Mount Adapter FTZ - Greater performance from your favorite F-Mount lenses

When used with the included Mount Adapter FTZ, more than 90 F-Mount NIKKOR lenses maintain all of their sharpness, resolving power and functionality and gain the advantages of the Z 6’s in-body VR, silent shooting, PDAF focusing system, 4K video and more. Approximately 360 F-Mount NIKKOR lenses can be used. Compatibility as only Nikon can deliver.

Flexible frame rates - Ultra high quality video, at any rate.

  • 4K at 24/30 fps - Shoot 4K video at 24 fps for a classic film look or 30 fps for smoother videos.
  • Full HD at 120 fps - Record video with audio at up to 120 fps in Full HD for smooth fast motion. Additionally, this frame rate gives flexibility for post production slow motion and speed ramping, adding drama and suspense to your videos.
  • In-Camera Slow Motion - Capture every moving detail at 120 fps, then play them back at 4x or 5x slower speed for jaw dropping, fluid slow motion in 1080p Full HD without any post-production.

Smooth and Steady - Superb image stabilization, inside and out.

  • In-Body 5-Axis VR Image Stabilization - 5-axis in-camera VR image stabilization effectively reduces roll, the most common camera vibration during video recording as well as yaw, pitch, X and Y. During video recording, optical VR is combined with electronic VR(e-VR) for even steadier shots.
  • VR For F-Mount NIKKOR Lenses - For the first time, optional F-Mount NIKKOR lenses like the AF-S NIKKOR 105mm f/1.4E ED or AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED can benefit from in-body 3-axis VR. NIKKOR lenses that already have VR, like the AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8E FL ED VR, get the added benefit of roll axis for a total of 3-axis VR. Just add the included Mount Adapter FTZ and you’re good to go.

Moza Air 2 Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

Pan, tilt and follow moving subjects with all the smoothness and accuracy of high-end studio rigs and dollies. Mount the Z 6 to the handheld Moza Air 2 and off you go. Create dynamic sweeping shots, film from impossible angles and track tough to follow subjects. The Z 6 Filmmaker’s Kit also includes the Moza Magic 11.8" Articulating Arm for convenient attachment of the Ninja V Monitor.

Pure Viewing Experience -
Clarity that rivals real life.

  • 3.6m-Dot Quad VGA Viewfinder - Z 6’s ultra-high resolution viewfinder provides minimal lag and blackout, 100% frame coverage (approx.), corner-to-corner clarity and sharp magnification for natural, comfortable filming, even in bright light.
  • Tilting Touchscreen Monitor - Monitor and review footage on Z 6’s beautiful, high-resolution touchscreen. 3.2-inches. 2.1-million dots. Crystal clear and vibrant. Tilt for filming at high and low angles. Touchscreen control. This display is a smooth operator.
  • Focus Peaking and Zebra Stripes - Focus or Highlight Peaking allows quick confirmation of focus with a color overlay on the areas of the video that are in focus while Zebra Stripes (or Highlight Display) confirm that footage is not being overexposed.

Portable Cinematic Powerhouse. Ready for your next production.

  • Atomos Ninja V - Record and monitor like a pro with the included, fully-compatible Atomos Ninja V and unlock the ultimate filmmaking potential of the Z 6. Record in 4K 10-bit and N-Log format or simultaneously record uncompressed 8-bit 4K UHD movie files to the memory card and the Atomos (Atomos Open Protocol supported for syncing start/stop).
  • N-Log with View Assist - N-Log format preserves more detail, up to 12 stops of dynamic range, shadows and highlights to make color grading more precise in post. For easier spot checking of focus and exposure, the new View Assist function displays simple gradation compensation, highly useful for confirming the final look of the footage.
  • Built-In Timecode - All of your Z 6 footage can be time coded in-camera for easier synchronizing and logging, especially when editing shots from multi-camera shoots.
  • 12 Months of Vimeo Pro - Host and share your masterpieces on Vimeo with the included 12-month pro-level subscription. Vimeo Pro offers a host of upgraded features like a 4K Ultra HD ad-free player with advanced embed options, video review pages, video analytics, customizable albums, 20GB of weekly uploads and integrations with Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and Dropbox to simplify your workflow.
  • Crystal clear audio - Capture well-balanced, high-fidelity source audio to compliment your beautiful Z 6 footage with the included RØDE VideoMic Pro+ shotgun microphone. It attaches to the Z 6 via the camera’s hot-shoe and features a 3/8" thread for easy boom pole mounting. The VideoMic Pro+ can be powered by the RØDE LB-1 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery (included), 2 x AA Batteries or via Micro USB.
  • Hone your skills with Nikon School Online - Increase the production value of your videos with the included Nikon School Online course—The Art of Making Music Videos Featuring Chris Hershman. Learn the basics of filmmaking, no matter your specialty or genre. Get inspired, be empowered and make video magic with your camera.

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