Profoto StyleShoots Elevate

ProfotoSKU: 90050010

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  • Flexible, iPad-controlled camera pole
  • For photo and video content creation
  • Powered by our user-friendly ProStudio software
  • Supports both flash and continuous light
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Style EngineAn entire camera and editing crew in one package. Software and hardware work seamlessly alongside the model and stylist to capture still images, record and automatically edit your videos -ready for instant review and sharing.
Video and stills in oneA single machine to capture both stills and video of your products saves space, speeds up your workflow and ensures colour parity between video and stills.
Light ControllerAdjust the lighting by moving your finger on the iPad and instantly see the result.
ResolutionVideo: 1080, 720, or 480p
Photos: 3840 - 200 px
FiletypeVideos: .MOV and .MP4
Photos: JPG, PNG, TIFF and RAW
3-Axis Camera SystemCanon EOS R5 with 24-105 L lens.
Motorized Zoom, Motorized Tilt and Motorized Elevation.
LED RGB status indicator ring.
ElectronicsApple Mac embedded, running the StyleShoots Core software
Apple iPad™ Pro held by an integrated swivel-mount
Custom electronics controlling Camera, Motors and Lighting.
Lightning ConnectivityUse Profoto Air X enabled lights and modifiers, connect them wirelessly to Profoto Elevate to create your signature look.
Main StructureIndustrial enclosure in powder coated sheet steel and aluminum on locking castor wheels. Camera pole containing camera, computer, electronics, and power management.
PortsUSB for external storage.
3.5mm audio jack.
Ethernet for Remote Support and Software Updates.
C14 mains inlet and switch. Euro, UK and US power cables available.
CoreState-of-the art embedded software controlling all hardware, image processing and file exporting
ProStudio CoreState-of-the-art embedded software controlling all hardware, image processing and file exporting.
ProStudio iPad appNative iOS app ensuring fluid control of all Profoto Elevate features.
ProStudio DriveShare files on your company network with ProStudio Drive or save them to USB.
Export File Formats
VideoMP4 and MOV in configurable dimensions and aspect ratios.
PhotosJPG in configurable dimensions and aspect ratios.
PNG in configurable dimensions and aspect ratios.
TIFF in configurable dimensions and aspect ratios.
RAW files straight from camera.
Dimensions (H x W x L)78 x 32 x 41” / 198 x 81 x 104cm
Weight200 lbs / 90kg