Tether Tools Aero Cup Holder

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The Aero Cup Holder attaches to the Tether Table Aero to hold beverages, small tools or accessories and keep them near your workstation. The cantilevered design attaches to the side of the table and tucks away nicely when not in use.

Refreshingly Simple

If you want to have a hot or cold drink handy, but are worried about knocking it over onto your computer, accessorize the Tether Table Aero with the convenient Aero Cup Holder.

Custom engineered for the Tether Table Aero with a unique cantilever design, the cup holder easily slides on to any flat edge of the Tether Table. A non-slip, stain-resistant pad on the inside of the base ensures items won’t move around.

The cup holder retracts when not in use, which means that the Tether Table Aero will still fit easily into its carrying case with the cup holder attached.