Light Up Your Imagination with Manfrotto LED Lights

Manfrotto is here to give us a look at their latest LED lighting technology for photo and video. We're big fans of Manfrotto's LED continuous lighting panels, and we think you will be, too. Learn more about how to use them and how they can support your creativity.

The Manfrotto range of LED Lights are a revolution in our lighting supports portfolio. Whether you're an entry-level photographer or a professional, you'll be surprised by the sophisticated Manfrotto LED Lights range and the consistently high-quality ease of use and functionality.

The Manfrotto LED panels are easy to position; since they are so small and weigh so little, setting them up requires minimal effort. Additionally, because LEDs provide such sharp focus, the user gains full control over what should be lit and what should be dark. These meticulously designed systems are extraordinary, exceeding the highest professional standards. Cool, silent, dimmable, and ballast-free, the Manfrotto LED Lights concept offers a multitude of advantages when working in studio or on location anywhere in the world.

Manfrotto LED Lights from Manfrotto Imagine More on Vimeo.


  • Icon dimmer on the MINI: same language as cameras for intuitive use
  • Index dimmer on MIDI/MIDI HYBRID/MIDI PLUS/MAXIMA: full control on the level of output needed
  • Backlite LED: illuminates the camera commands when shooting at night available for MINI, MIDI, MIDI HYBRID, MIDI PLUS, MAXIMA)
  • Flash Function: 4x the output in continuous mode at 1/1000 of a second at night (available for MIDI HYBRID, MIDI PLUS, MAXIMA)
  • Accessories: 1 diffuser and 2 gels (available for MIDI PLUS, MAXIMA)
  • Flex mount: allows a tilt movement to the LED panel (available for MIDI PLUS, MAXIMA)


  • First VDSLR light that’s good for photo and video
  • Long lifespan with no flickering
  • High quality output that’s constant throughout the whole range
  • Lightweight and compact

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