Win a Rogue XL Pro Lighting Kit!

Happy Monday, party people! We're kicking this week off with a giveaway from the fine folks over at Expo Imaging. They've got a Rogue XL Pro Lighting Kit up for grabs today for one lucky winner.

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The Rogue XL Pro Lighting Kit comes with the XL Pro FlashBender Reflector, Strip Box Attachment, Soft Box Attachment, and Silver/Black Reflector Attachment to help you shape and refine your shoe-mount flash's light output. This durable yet compact flash modifier set packs flat and takes up little space in your camera bag, allowing you creative lighting control wherever you go.

This kit includes all four of these awesome tools:

XL Pro FlashBender Reflector
This reflector allows you to control directional light by bouncing, curving, and reflecting the light where you want it. It attaches to almost any shoe-mount flash and features three positioning rods to help you bend it into place and keep its shape throughout your shoot. The white reflective interior has a neutral color and is made of durable nylon.

Strip Box Attachment
This is used in combination with the XL Pro FlashBender for greater edge lighting control. You can adjust the variable width of the strip to control how wide your light source will be and where the edge between highlight and shadow will fall.

Soft Box Attachment
The Soft Box Attachment is used with the XL Pro FlashBender to create more directional light than the base reflector alone, directing light forward and preventing it from going straight up. The diffusion fabric reduces specular highlights making for a beautiful main light for portraiture.

Silver/Black Reflector Attachment
Used with the XL Pro FlashBender to create a higher contrast light than the base reflectors medium contrast white material. The black side of the attachment can be used as a large flag, providing limited reflectivity while the light is directed forward along the reflectors edge.

Enter to win!

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Giveaway ends next Monday, June 10. GOOD LUCK!

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