Desert Southwest Workshop with Adam Barker and Mylo Fowler

Join local photographer and recent Digitalfest keynote speaker Adam Barker along with acclaimed photographer Mylo Fowler for a photography workshop in the desert southwest.

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Location: Page, Arizona and Navajo land of Northern Arizona. Home area of Mylo Fowler. 10-12 locations. Colorado River, Slot Canyons, sand dunes, sage and Navajo sandstone formations.

When: October 11-13th 2013. Three (3) full days. One of the only places where a workshop can use all the available light provided in a day. This isn’t a sunrise/sunset only photographic location. Adequate classroom work and rest will be provided. You won’t burn out.

What: We will cover using an assortment of filters, composition, and artistic emotion in the image, de-mystifying and learning how to utilize your camera’s histogram, tripod usage, and creating panoramic images. A lot of hands-on, one-on-one field work from award winning photographers Adam Barker and Mylo Fowler. They will always be in reach of assistance for help, review, and critiques.

5to 6 Classroom Sessions: Conference room setting. Bring your laptop/computer. We will dive into exposing great images and creating stunning fine art with post processing software. We will cover creating exceptional compositions, controlling all elements of light, sharp as tact depth of field images, color renditions and high quality creativity from your camera. How to create a few supreme images instead of hoarding 5,000 images from a location you will never use.

One of the highlight classroom sessions will be the group critique sessions. Why? This will allow you to see your work from a different perspective. IF you want long lasting friends in the photography world, this is where a lot of the friendships start. Heck, even some marriages! For you single lads and ladies, this isn’t a place to find your future love. Actually, it is. Your love of photography will grow on this workshop! All in all you will get a chance to express your views, speak the same language with fellow photographers that your other friends and family just don’t understand.



Who is this for? This workshop excursion with Adam and Mylo is for someone who:

  • Just bought or was given a digital camera last Christmas and wants to KNOW how to use it and what all the options mean in easy, understandable terms.
  • Has less than 5 years of photography experience.
  • Is a seasoned amateur or professional looking for the premium guide to the sweet places of Northern Arizona.
  • Wants to create 40" prints of stunning desert formations and slot canyon colors.
  • Wants to increase their photography IQ.
  • Likes hands on teaching. This workshop is for someone who doesn’t want to read the 600 page Owner’s Manual and for someone who wants to get to the good and juicy elements of creating Award Winning Images.
  • Wants to return home knowing more about their camera, equipment and REALLY understanding the camera they bought and had all along.
  • Uses film or digital image capture systems. From Cropped sensor, full frame, 35mm, medium and large format film cameras.
  • Uses Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Sony and other systems.
  • Wants to expand their image design with various filters from Singh Ray and tripod systems.
  • Is getting ready to go on another world class trip and wants to know what to do on their trip. Trust me. You won’t believe how many people come on workshops so they know what to do in Italy, Alaska or in Antarctica. You will be better prepared for your next trip!

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About Adam Barker

adamRaised amongst Utah’s Wasatch Mountains, internationally acclaimed photographer Adam Barker has a passion for photography matched only by his zest for life. Known for bold landscape and active lifestyle imagery, his love affair with exceptional imagery has translated into stirring editorial work for Outdoor Photographer, Skiing, Ski, Powder, Flyfish Journal, USA Today, The Drake, Mountain Magazine, and many more publications. He has drawn praise for his teaching style at workshops both domestic and abroad, and has drawn similar accord for his instructional DVDs. Barker has produced imagery for a varied array of commercial clients including Nike, Black Diamond Equipment, Volkswagen of America, Deer Valley Resort, Suunto Watches, and many more. When not shooting, Barker can be found spending time with his wife and three sons, or "product testing" in the mountains, on the river, or wherever else nature happens to call.

About Mylo Fowler

bowAward Winning Fine Art Large Format Landscape Photographer for over the past decade, Mylo has assisted thousands of photographers of all levels on photographing his homeland of the Navajo Reservation. Born north of the Navajo Nation capitol in Ft. Defiance, AZ and raised on the Reservation South of a photographer’s mecca,Page Arizona, Mylo enjoys helping others capture the light.

A primary user of 4x5 and 8x10 field cameras, Mylo has guided slot canyon excursions and exotic landscape workshops that number into the thousands. Mylo has worked with many camera makes and models, television companies from National Geographic to Weekend Explorer, publications from Outdoor Photographer Magazine to Arizona Highways. He is highly recommended by the Navajo Nation as a steward of the land and caters to personalize all experiences of high caliber companies, networks and the photographer’s experience.

Mylo has traveled across the world from Hong Kong to Berlin, Alaska and into the Yucatan to share with other Nations and its residents regarding the beauty of the Southwest and its abundant Native American heritage and culture. Having had a long history in working with Utah & Arizona Office of Tourism, Mylo has been highly recommended to guide projects and assignments for national coverage or collections to be presented to Kings, Queens and Royal Majesties.

September 2013

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