Digitalfest C100 Contest Winners: Jordan Oliver and Garret Spendlove

We held a video making contest with the Canon C100 at Digitalfest last weekend, and today, we are super stoked to announce the winners of the $1,000 gift card: Jordan Oliver and Garret Spendlove! We asked them to tell us a little bit about themselves and their idea for the video. Be sure to check out the finished product below!

Apart, we are Jordan Oliver and Garret Spendlove. Together we make up Spruced. We have been shooting videos together since high school, mainly to keep us off the streets... Garret almost lost his VW to a dice game and Jordan had a short stint with caffeinated beverages.

For the past couple of years, we have come become proficient in shooting video on DSLR cameras. They've offered great images, but lack the form factor of a true video camera. It was awesome being able to use the C100 where Canon has truly meshed the two together. Even though it was our first time shooting with the camera, the button layout was amazingly easy to pick up. Everything felt like it was where it needed to be. All the workarounds and additions you have to add to a DSLR are built right in. XLR inputs, ND Filters, the whole shebang. We figured everyone else would be covering the event like you normally would, so we thought a narrative might be a fun twist on things. Garret acted, Jordan shot, and it ended up being an awesome experience.

Congrats, Jordan and Garret! And thanks to all of the C100 contest participants!

May 2013

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