Artist Spotlight—Travis McCabe

As we head into Father's Day this month, we are excited to feature our artist spotlight this week—Travis McCabe. He is not only a father but a wildlife photographer and conservationist based in Utah. Travis brings the beauty of the greater western United States to life through his lens. A US Marine and civil engineer, Travis's love for the outdoors led him to discover photography. His disciplined approach and keen eye allow him to capture stunning images of wildlife.

Tell us a little about your background and how you got started in photography.

I had a fascination with wildlife and conservation growing up. Watching Steve Irwin on tv with my dad was a big part of my childhood and remains a core memory for me. It wasn’t until after my dad passed that I realized he would have been an amazing wildlife photographer and conservationist. I picked up a camera in a way to honor who he was and his love for the outdoors.

How has being a father impacted how you approach photography?

I want to show my kids the outdoors and how to be in tune with it. Photography is a medium that immerses us in nature in a more detailed way.

What Canon gear do you primarily use and what's on your wish list?

Perfect timing for this question with the new R1 and R5mk II coming to market! Those have been on my wish list for the last four years. I currently shoot with the Canon R3 and the Canon R5. My go-to lens is the RF 600 F4. Hoping to purchase the RF 400 F2.8 here soon!

Can you share one of your most memorable wildlife experiences? What made it stand out?

The most memorable stories are sometimes the scariest! When my son Abel was just four years old, we crossed paths with a large bull moose that wasn’t our biggest fan. After standing my ground, hiding being trees and walking through rivers, we eventually made our way to the truck. It was a good teaching moment for both me and my son.

What are the next two shots on your bucket list?

Ooof. If I have to narrow it down to two, it’s got to be Polar Bears in Northern Canada and the Emperor penguins in Antarctica.

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to Travis for taking the time to answer our questions and share his incredible journey with us. His passion for wildlife and dedication to conservation are truly inspiring. We look forward to seeing more of his breathtaking work in the future. Thank you, Travis!

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Get to Know Travis: 

Travis McCabe is a Utah-based wildlife photographer and conservationist. His work focuses primarily on capturing the animals of the greater western United States. A US Marine and civil engineer by trade, Travis found photography through his love of the outdoors. When not tracking and photographing wildlife, Travis spends his free time with his sons.

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