Friday Featured Photographer - Jessica Janae

We are thrilled about this week's photographer - JESSICA JANAE. She is a big influence in our community and has a real creative vibe to all of her photos. Jessica is one of the funnest, most easy-going people you'll meet, which happens to be part of what makes her an amazing photographer! What's unique about Jessica is she is good at honestly every style of shoot, including wedding, engagements, fashion, and travel.

What camera(s) do you shoot with and why?
"I use a Canon 5D Mark lll and a Contax 645. I have always shot on digital and I need it with my fast paced insane schedule of shooting weddings and fashion. But I also LOVE Love shooting on my Contax 645 because film just gives me what I want without me even having to open photoshop!!! And who doesn't love that?! I will probably be getting the Mark IV here soon and using the Mark lll as the second cam around my neck. I almost always have 2 cameras around my neck so I can get two different lenses going or some digital and some film within each shoot."
35mm 1.4 canon. Like honestly i shoot with this 90% of the time. Next is my 85mm 1.8 canon. I've had this baby for a long time and I still love it. It was literally $400 and everyone thinks I have the 85mm 1.2 which is like a million times the price so boom! 3rd fave lens... 45mm Tilt Shift Lens 2.8 Canon. Love pulling this wild sucker out for just about every shoot to get some artsy vibes going."
Tripods on wedding days? Do you feel like there are certain times when tripods come in handy?
Fashion and the photographers from the past. Fashion has been an obsession since I can remember. I mean I wore high waisted leather shorts and black lace tights with combat boots back when low rise hipster flare jeans were in style. So I've always liked to push the boundary and try new things I guess you could say. I collect fashion books - like coffee table books and just biography books etc, I have one that takes you through all the years of GUESS ads and it's amazing. So I like getting inspiration from the unbelievable giants of photographers that came before us and the fashion ads from the past."
"I didn't want to be a photographer. It kind of fell into my life 9 years ago. My dream since I can remember was to be a famous dancer on broadway and a famous choreographer. I danced and choreographed from age 3-18 and then taught and choreographed dance until just 2 years ago. I still think about it every day and choreograph in my head every time a song is on. When I was 17 photography just sort of happened when I decided to take a class in high school for an easy A because I enjoyed painting and drawing and how hard could taking a picture be after painting and drawing portraits right?"
If you're interested in learning more from Jess sign up for her upcoming workshop here. A big thank you to Jessica for answering our questions and always keeping us entertained!
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