Friday Featured Photographer—Jessica Parker

For this week's Friday Featured Photographer, we are excited to highlight Jessica Parker! Jessica is a world-class traveler and an amazing photographer. She has been featured in Style Me Pretty, Carats & Cake, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Modern Reverie, Trendy Bride Magazine, Bliss Magazine and Utah Valley Bride just to name a few. We absolutely love Jessica's style of images because they are so bright and elegant. We can wait for you to get to know her, so let's get started!

What gravitated you to photography and when did you get your first camera?

"I got my first camera about 24 years ago and fell in love with it instantly. I started with an Olympus film point and shoot and upgraded to a film Canon Rebel DSLR a few years later. I have always seen the world through a viewfinder. When I was 12, my parents got divorced and after that my camera was always apart of me. I wanted to capture all of the happy moments around me. I started my business in 2005 I then pursued a minor in photography at Utah State and went full time after I finished in 2007."

Image of family at grad tetons by Jessica Parker

You have such a natural and classic style, what was the journey like in finding that style? 

"I have always had a natural and classic style. As trendy edit styles came up I would try the edit on my images and I never loved it as much as my natural images. I love to keep things as close to how they are in real life."

Image of bride and groom in southern utah with mountains by Jessica Parker

How often do you go out and shoot and when are you the busiest?

"I have 4-7 client shoots a week. When I get a chance to take time off and go on a trip I always have my camera out. I don’t know how to travel without documenting it. I get a little slow in January and February."

Image of couple with two brown horses in southern utah by Jessica Parker

What advice do you have to someone who is just starting out?

"Keep your head down and work hard. So many people get caught up in what others are doing. Find what you love and do it, and if you aren’t happy with the type of photoshoots that you are doing, there are so many ways to work in photography. Don’t do a type of photography because you think the money is good, that will lead to a quick burnout."

photo of the salt lake temple taken by jessica parker  

What camera(s) do you use now and why?

"I shoot with the Canon 5D Mark IV, Pentax 645 NII and Rolleiflex Model T. My Favorite Lenses:"

photo of girl in orange dress taken by jessica parker

What is your favorite piece of equipment in your gear bag?

"Right now, I am using my Great Grandpas Rolleiflex Model T for personal work and I am inspired every time that I have it in my hands. I love shooting with it!!"

photo of couple getting married walking taken by jessica parker

Thank you so much, Jessica, for spending the time to let us get to know you better. If you want to learn more about Jessica and her photography, head over to her website or follow her on Instagram.

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