Friday Featured Photographer—Chelsea Fabrizio

Our photographer of the week is a dear customer of ours here at pictureline and always brings a smile to our face when she comes in. She has such a beautiful style to her photography and is a skillful wedding photographer. We are excited to tell you more about her. This week's pictureline featured photographer is Chelsea Fabrizio!

1. Tell us a little about how you got into photography and when you started your photography business?

"I started photography studying Digital Media in college a little over five years ago. I had the best professor in the world, and his love for photography ignited my passion for it. When signing up for the class, I didn't even own a camera. To be honest, I didn't even know what a DSLR was when I was reading the class syllabus.. it was so foreign to me. We had the option to just rent from the school or buy our own, and after going to the class for two weeks, I knew I wanted my very own! I bought a Canon t5i with a kit lens, and the rest is history."

Chelsea Fabrizio photography image of bride and groom in field

2. What do you know now that you wish you knew when you first started?

"Being yourself will always pay off in the end. For so long I was comparing myself to other photographers in my area, and it really fogged up my brand and what I wanted my work to look like. I always say I grew up in photographers paradise, so I've always been surrounded by some of the most talented artists. Some really big names have come from Utah, or have started in Utah. This means I've gotten the opportunity to learn from some of the best, but it's always been difficult to find my own style in a very saturated market. Finding your style definitely takes a long time, but the more you stop worrying about everyone else and really hone in on what you want your images to look like, you'll feel more comfortable."

"Dear Chelsea of 2015,

You're really cool. Stop comparing yourself, and just create awesome work you are proud of. Your clients will love you for that."

Chelsea Fabrizio photography image of bride and groom at Joshua Tree

3. What's your go-to gear setup for weddings?

"Two Nikon D750s, Nikon 105mm, Nikon 50mm, Nikon 45mmTilt-shift, Nikon 24mm, Nikon 70-200mm, Godox Flashes, reflector, softbox. (and the best assistants a girl like me could ask for ;) )"

Chelsea Fabrizio photography image of bride walking down stairs

4. What piece of equipment could you not live without?

"My flashes. I loveeeee my flashes. This is my first year using off-camera flash, and wow. Major game-changer."

Chelsea Fabrizio photography image of bride and groom walking up stairs in large building

5. In your experience, what is the best way to become a professional wedding photographer?

"Learn from the best. If there's a photographer you really love, ask for mentoring, ask to assist them, and attend their workshops! I'm a hands-on learner, watching and asking questions in person has always helped me a lot more than online classes and youtube. All professionals will need someone to hold their bag, reflectors, flashes, or family shot lists. BE THAT PERSON.

"Shoot often. Practice, Practice, Practice. The more you shoot, the more confidence you'll have to take on bigger and better weddings. You can't go from one mentor session to a 300 person ballroom wedding. It doesn't work that way!"

Chelsea Fabrizio photography image of bride and groom in Utah laughing

6. If you had to choose one, what is your all-time favorite photo that you've taken and why?

"Oh gosh, I feel like there are so many and my mind changes every other day on this. But right now, the photo that comes to mind is Savannah & Preston on Cannon Beach in Oregon. They just got married a little over 45 minutes ago(elopement.) We were just finishing up some formal portraits on the beach. Russell, (the videographer) and I were just chatting and packing up when I looked over and saw these lovebirds kissing in front of this crowd of people!

"If you've been to Cannon Beach, you know how crowded it is. There were so many people, and in a wedding dress and suit, everyone was watching these two. Not only the people photographed behind them, but so many people by the water behind me, people walking by, and people on their hotel decks. They didn't care one bit, and I freaking loved it. I'm all about those in-between moments."

Chelsea Fabrizio photography image of bride and groom at Cannon Beach

Thank you, Chelsea, for the inside scoop on your life as a photographer and for the excellent advice. If you want to know more about Chelsea and her photography, head over to her website or follow her on Instagram.
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