Friday Featured Photographer - Logan Davidson

This week for pictureline's featured photographer post, we are doing a special spotlight on one of pictureline's own amazing photographers - LOGAN DAVIDSON! Logan has been apart of the pictureline team now for just over six months. He provides endless valuable knowledge and guidance to our customers, as well as performs all of the lens calibrations and sensor cleanings that are brought in. If you haven't seen Logan's work, check out his instagram and website before reading this article. You'll be so impressed by the images he creates and inspired to know more about his gear and lifestyle!

What camera do you shoot with? And why?

"I currently shoot the Canon 5D Mark iii with a 24-105mm which is my go to lens for lifestyle and travel photography, I also have the Canon 100-400mm for wildlife and portraits. The 5D Mark iii has been a great camera for the work I do. I've pushed its limits through remote deserts to freezing temps and humid jungle environments without running into any problems."  

What is your favorite place you have traveled to/photographed?

"This is a hard one to answer! There have been so many different locations with new cultures and new experiences that it can be hard to pin point one specific place. But I think Hawaii is definitely at the top of my list at the moment."

What editing program do you use for your photos? 

"I currently use Adobe Lightroom CC for the majority of my post-processing. I usually start by organizing each project into its own specific album based on Location/Date. And depending on the image, I will also use presets that I've manually put together and occasionally I'll use the VSCO presets. For editing video I tend to use Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects."

What advice do you have for photographers that are just starting out in the business?

"The biggest thing to me is to simply get out and shoot what you're passionate about. No matter what it is, it will really make learning come easy. Trial and error has been my best friend with learning my camera equipment and has also helped really push my creativity to get the shots I'm looking for. I would also say to take full advantage of any free marketing apps like Instagram/Facebook/Etc." 

We are lucky to have Logan here as part of the pictureline team! He does a great job balancing his life as a photographer, while also being an active member of our photographic community. Stop by our store to chat more with Logan!

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