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This week we had the pleasure of interviewing the very talented, HEATHER NAN! Heather has been a long time customer of ours here at pictureline, and we truly have enjoyed watching her grow as a photographer. She is so accomplished and has managed to create a beautifully unique style as a photographer. We had so much fun coming up with questions for Heather that we felt like you guys would love to know the answers to. And a big perk about featuring Heather this week, is that if (when) you have even more questions about Heather and how she creates her images, you can sign up for her workshop that she is offering on April 18th! Keep on scrolling down to get a little snippet of Heather's tips on managing life as a photographer.

What kind of camera do you shoot with for digital photos, and what kind for film? 

"Some might say I have a problem, but at any given event I have a Nikon D810 & D750 for digital, as well as two Pentax 645 niis and a Nikon F100 for film. I use the Think Tank Airport bag as well as the Kelly Moore Jude to lug all this goodness around."

How did you get started shooting with film? And what did you find was the best resource for learning it?

"My film journey began first from admiration. I found myself attracted to images coming from film photographers in my industry… from there I picked up a Nikon F100 and just started shooting. I’m pretty much a doer, so I just went for it. I scoured the internet, Facebook groups, and just shot. The best resource currently? Find in a Box! Hands down, it is the most thorough resource out there for film photography. Not only is the actual information valuable, but it also comes with access to the friendliest and knowledgable Facebook group out there on the subject."

When you shoot a wedding, what do you like to do before-hand to make sure you are prepared and ready so that everything runs smoothly the day of? 

"I am REALLY big on communicating with my clients. I send out a wedding day questionnaire a couple weeks out from the wedding date that covers subjects such as, family dynamics I should be sensitive to, special details or events that I should take note of, and simply the names of all the immediate family members and wedding party. I am a visual learner, so seeing the names on paper before hand helps them stick in my memory. I also follow up with a phone call the week of to run through the schedule and questionnaire to make sure I can best serve my clients."

What is the best tactic you’ve found works for growing your business and finding new clients? (Instagram? Website? Word-Of-Mouth?) 

In the beginning it was truly based on my friendships in the industry… some may call them my competitors, and they are at times, but I can only shoot one wedding a day. Many of my referrals come from other wedding photographers. I work closely with a few wedding planners and I have found Instagram to be a very powerful tool. Former bride referrals are HUGE for me as well.

Where would you say you buy the majority of your photography gear? 

I love having the access to knowledgable staff at Pictureline, as well as gear available right when it hits the market. Between Pictureline, buying used from KEH as well as Ebay sellers in Japan for many of my film cameras/lenses… my photography gear needs are taken care of.

What is the biggest thing you hope your students will take away from your upcoming Illume Workshop: Bringing Light to the Dark

My hope? SO MUCH! I truly want the attendees to get a solid foundation of how artificial light works and how to incorporate it into their own style. I’m excited for the opportunity to walk through a mock wedding reception with real couples. They will get to practice those significant moments that we as wedding photographers only get one chance at. It’s a unique workshop that I am excited to offer. More information can be found here.

What a pure delight Heather is! We hope you guys take a look at her workshop, it is a great opportunity to grow your skills as a photographer by getting hands-on experience. Because we all know, online tutorials can only get us so far!

See you next week for our next featured photographer!

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