Gear Up for Wedding Season

Gearing-Up-for-Wedding-SeasonWarm summer evenings invite romantic wedding photography. The upcoming months are notoriously busy for wedding photographers, so we have invited the talented Amanda Castleberry to share some tips that keep her sane through the chaos of the season.

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Pro wedding photographer, Amanda Castleberry, will be teaching at pictureline's Wedding Weekend Workshop on June 10th and 11th, 2016. Amanda achieved her degree in photography eight years ago, and has been capturing timeless moments across the country ever since.

With guidance from Amanda, and other influential photographers and videographers, this workshop will teach you how to shoot compelling wedding imagery, offer powerful business tips to stay relevant in the saturated photography industry, and practice various lighting methods to make your work stand out above the rest.

This hands-on experience is sponsored by Canon, and is an opportunity for insider tips, portfolio shots, and great Canon deals. KEH will be joining us all weekend to give you money for old camera equipment so you can upgrade in time for this Wedding Season!

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What Gear Do I Trust?

canon_2_85mmf1.2_side_1024x1024My favorite portraiture lens for shooting couples is the Canon EF 85mm f1.2L II USM.The 85mm focal length offers a narrow field of view. It allows me to capture intimate shots without standing between the bride and groom. That length is also very flattering for portraiture, as opposed to wide lenses, because it offers more dimension and does not distort features.

Second to my 85mm prime is the Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM. It is a great, versatile lens when you need to capture family photos. You never know what situation will be handed to you when you agree to photograph a wedding. You may be confined to a cozy indoor venue that requires you to shoot wide shots at close distances. This lens is prepared for it all.


As for a camera body, I rely on my Canon EOS 5D mark III. The image quality,advanced focusing system, and wide ISO capacity give me peace of mind as I travel the country capturing diverse styles every day. The consistent output I achieve from this camera is what allows me to market my skills with confidence.

Amanda-Castleberry-copyright Why Do I Shoot Weddings?

Advice on Gear and Clients from Amanda Castleberry

My first piece of advice to all aspiring wedding photographers is to set a standard for your work. Understand what makes you passionate about weddings, set goals for the scenes and emotions you must capture on each couple's special day, and know what makes your work unique. My passion as a wedding photographer is to make my clients feel that their day is equally important to me as it is to them. My role is to make them feel beautiful and confident, and to inspire authentic joy during these timeless, life changing, moments.

Bringing out the best in your clients often relies on your ability as an artist to manipulate light. It is also crucial to pose the couples in ways that are flattering, while developing a relationship of trust. Take the time to get to know your client. Laugh with them. Making your clients feel relaxed and comfortable leads to absolute masterpieces! Every bride and groom to me has beauty that is uniquely theirs. Make them feel that. Be willing to adapt to each client - portraiture is a collaboration. And remember to have FUN!

After shooting weddings for 8 years now, I have worked with just about every type of bride / wedding. The biggest piece of advice I have to offer is when things get crazy or seem out of your comfort level – trust yourself. Trust what you're doing. If it's pouring rain or you get caught in the middle of tornado warnings (this has happened), take charge and make it happen with the skills that are exclusively yours. It is part of the memory. It is part of THEIR day, their story. Go with it. Use your lens and camera to work for you. These cameras can do incredible things with your skill set. Some of my best photo shoots happened under the "worst" circumstances.

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May 2016

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