Syrp Genie now offers 2-Axis Control!


The Syrp Genie has had an upgrade! The official release of Firmware V2.6 is now available for download from the support section of Syrp's website under "Resource Or Download". We are excited to now bring you 2-axis control with the ability to Sync Two Genies together. This firmware is also required to Sync 'Genie + Genie Mini' for pan + track motion. This feature requires a Syrp Sync Cable for connection between the two Genies, which will be available shortly. Also included in this update is enhanced preview accuracy, 'non real-time' preview, the ability to turn the LCD off during a recording, plus various other fixes and features. Even if you are happily using the Genie already, we always recommend updating the firmware to the latest version. Full release notes and instructions may be found on the Resource Or Download section on Syrp's support page. Enjoy!


Mark Gee shared with us a collection of epic night sky timelapses shot with Syrp motion control. The first and last shots were shot using the Genie Mini on a panning axis tracking the rotation of the earth. A handful of Genie Minis are out and about with film-makers in New Zealand getting tested - we can't wait to start seeing more footage coming through!

August 2015

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