Building a Community for Photography: Sharing the love this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is not just a holiday that celebrates love here at pictureline, but it also sparks memories of humble beginnings. On Tuesday February 15th, we will be celebrating our 33rd year since we first opened our doors. It’s a time of reminiscing, remembering how it all started and feeling gratitude for the customers and friends who’ve supported us.

Pictureline has come a long way since it opened in 1989 as a small one-man operation in a 10x10 square foot upstairs room on 240 South and 200 East in Salt Lake City. We have been at our current location at 305 W 700 S for over 16 years.  This last year, we announced expansion plans for a new building and in September of 2021, we started construction. It's exciting to say that in the next few months, our new building will be finished!

 Pictureline building mock up front

Pictureline building mock up side

This new space will be even larger than our current sales floor and made especially for photography. The second floor will be a studio space designed with anti-vibration cement flooring and floor to ceiling north facing windows for plenty of natural light. The window glass was made to be perfectly clear, optimal for photography. We are hoping this will be a place for education to help those in our local photography community.

Check out the video below for a short recap of the building construction so far. Estimated completion is set to be April/May 2022.

Since we started, we have strived to be an asset to those in the photography community, whether that was by supplying the gear they needed, providing services, hosting events and classes, sharing our knowledge, or by simply being there for our customers. With the new building, we hope to continue to serve the community better than ever before.

We are proud to be in such an amazing industry and it’s a pleasure to work alongside the brands and customers that we see day in and day out. Photography has changed to how we see the world. So, this Valentine’s Day, take time to capture the present. Take pictures of the people you love—trust us, you will be grateful you did. Thank you to our customers for the support and friendship you’ve given us these past 33 years, we look forward to the many more years to come.

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