Seamless Paper Size Guide

A seamless paper backdrop is a studio photographer’s best friend. These solid-colored backdrops offer a clean and elegant photographic background. It’s a simple way to eliminate clutter or distractions. When it comes to choosing a seamless paper, the first thing you’ll want to figure out is the size you will need. This might take some additional planning on your part. So, let’s discuss what you should take into consideration when choosing your seamless paper background.

Seamless paper backdrop with ballerina girl

Seamless paper backgrounds can be used for multiple types of photoshoots, from product photography to portraits and more. Keep in mind, there could be studio space limitations that will determine what size seamless you can use. For smaller studio spaces, make sure to measure your space beforehand for accurate dimensions.

What sizes does seamless paper come in? Here at pictureline, we offer three different width options—53", 107" and 140". The 53” and 107” widths are both 36’ long. The 140” width option comes in white, black, grey, and chroma green colors and are 100’ long. To give you an estimate of what each width dimension is capable of, see the image below.

seamless paper size options

  • 53" - portrait, headshots, commercial photography
  • 107" - full body, couples, small groups, medium to large products
  • 140" - large groups, large products, models that need movement

When setting up a seamless paper backdrop, you’ll have a few options. Of course, for product flat lays, you can always set the paper on a table or the ground. If you need the paper to be supported upright, you’ll need a backdrop stand or a stationary wall hook to hang multiple rolls. A backdrop stand is great for carrying 53-107" wide paper. These consist of a light stand on each end and a 9 ft or longer cross bar to hold your paper roll. Other related products you might consider are clamps and gaffer tape to secure the paper down.

107" red seamless background

For those who have their own studio space, investing in a wall mounting kit is a good idea. Wall mounts allow quick access to your most commonly used colors, and easily stores it out of the way when not in use. Many of these kits offer configurations to support one, three, or six paper rolls. We carry wall mounting products from Manfrotto which include the Manfrotto 045 B/P Triple Hooks and the Manfrotto Expan Background Paper Holder Set with Metal Black Chain. You will need a total of three Expan holders to complete the kit. These wall mounts are great for the 107” size seamless paper backdrops.

Choosing the Right Color

Depending on what you are using the seamless background paper for, and with plenty of options to choose from, finding the right color can feel like a difficult decision. The most popular option at our store is a classic white background called Arctic White. Most of the time, you can't go wrong with a super white or black backdrop.

Seamless paper backdrop color options

When photographing products, some photographers like incorporating brand colors. If you can get your hands on a sample booklet, take a look at the color lineup and find the best color that matches the brand.

If you are looking for a vivid color option, try out Sky Blue or Aspen. If you want to use a seamless paper backdrop as a green screen, use Stinger! For fashion photoshoots, we recommend Leaf, Beige, or Dull Aluminum.

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