Canon's Widest Zoom Now in Pictureline Rental!


Canon's new 11-24mm F/4 wide-angle zoom lens boasts durable L-series weather-sealed construction. With minimal distortion even at its widest angle, this lens is ideal for interior shots and vast landscape scenery. The focusing distance can be as near as 11 inches, offering maximum coverage in close quarters without a novelty fisheye appearance.

The 11-24mm has now claimed the "ultimate wide-angle" title in pictureline's rental roster as well. Though wider APS-C zooms are available, this lens was built with full-frame compatibility in mind to extract the full wide-angle potential of 35mm format high-resolution sensors.

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11-24canon A shot of pictureline's interior shot at 11mm demonstrates the minimal distortion even at the widest angle.

Four aspheric lens elements help minimize distortion from the center of the image to the periphery and across the entire zoom range. This allows architecture to retain accurate structural presentation, and all other elements to resemble true-to-life proportions. The unique perspective of the beautiful L-series 11-24mm F/4 provides an experience of ultimate wide-angle photography.

The ultra-wide angle and moisture-resistant body of the Canon 11-24mm f/4 beg for outdoor experience, especially in Utah's diverse landscapes. However, one note of caution ought to be extended for an otherwise extraordinary lens. The celebrated distortion control does not eliminate the bulbous front element typical of wide angle lenses, so there is no option to screw on neutral density, UV, and polarizing filters.

Overall, this new Canon release has been the lens many landscape and architectural photographers have been waiting for. We are excited to share it with our community through daily rentals. Call to reserve the Canon 11-24mm F/4 for your next shoot!

February 2016

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