Everything You Need to Know About the Fujifilm X-Pro3

Fujifilm recently announced the latest version of their X-Pro series—the X-Pro3. Fujifilm claims that the X-Pro3 combines the feeling of a film camera with the quality of digital. Although, we’d say this not only applies to the X-Pro3 but most Fujifilm digital cameras. Compared to the previous X-Pro2, the X-Pro3 comes with some improvements. Below, we will go over some of the major upgrades added to this new camera.  

Like the X-Pro2, the X-Pro3 comes with a redesigned OVF/EVF hybrid. With the optical viewfinder, you get 0.5x magnification and the ability to view outside of the frame. With the electronic viewfinder, you see exactly what your photo will look like with a higher refresh rate, wider color space and better contrast. It has a slightly different ISO range from 160-12,800 compared to 200-12,800 in the X-Pro2 and it can shoot 4K/29.97fps. Like most of Fujifilm's cameras, it comes with their color reproduction and film simulation modes and introduces two new modes to the collection: CLASSIC Neg. and MONOCHROMATIC Color.

One important difference to note is that the X-Pro3 now comes with the same sensor as the X-T30 and X-T3—the new X-Trans 26.1 MP CMOS 4 sensor, a step-up from the 24.3 MP X-Trans 3 sensor in the X-Pro2. It also comes with the latest X-Processor 4, ensuring images are quickly processed and boosts AF performance with accurate face and eye detection.

Body and Design 

The X-Pro3 now comes with a hidden 180-degree, tilt and touchscreen. When closed, all you can see is a mini display showing fundamental settings. Fujifilm claims that the hidden LCD screen is meant to have users spend more time using the viewfinder rather than be distracted by the full screen while shooting.

The Fujifilm X-Pro3 digital camera body

The X-Pro3’s body design features a top and base plate constructed from titanium which is seven times more durable than stainless steel. The X-Pro3 is weather sealed and is available in three colors: black, silver and charcoal. It utilizes cold plasma technology, supporting a scratch-resistant finish. The X-Pro3 is suitable to be used by the working professional, to say the least. In addition to the physical durability, it features a newly developed shutter release unit that ensures accuracy and reliability.

Price and Availability 

The X-Pro3 in Black will be available on November 28, 2019, for $1799.95. The Charcoal (Dura Black) and Silver will be available on December 12, 2019, for $1999.95.

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