Hoya Announces NXT Plus Filters - Here's Why That Matters

Hoya has announced their newest Circular Polarizer, an upgrade to their NXT series, called the NXT Plus, as well as an upgraded UV filter - the NXT Plus UV.


"The new filter employs a waterproof top coat to Hoya's polished smooth glass for easy cleaning. Dirt, smudges, and water wipe away easily." 

So the question is, why does this matter, and why use a filter in the first place?

Filters, both circular polarizers and UV filters, allow you greater control over your image in outdoor environments. A CRPL acts almost like sunglasses for your camera lens; they remove reflections by blocking some of the light rays that pass through your lens, allowing a greater range of color and texture in your shots. 

A UV filter also acts as a form of protection for you lens, protecting your lens from the elements, but it also serves to filter out UV Haze, which is helpful at higher altitudes.  


For more info on Circular Polarizers, UV Filters, and what works best for your photography needs, contact pictureline at 1-800-748-8200 and talk to one of our experts. 

June 2018

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