Lumix GH5 Test Run with James Cawley

For those who haven't already heard the Panasonic Lumix GH5 is hitting the market TOMORROW, Thursday March 30th, and Pictureline will have plenty in-stock for all who want one. Once you realize all of the amazing capabilities this camera has in it's compact, weather-sealed design, you'll be calling us up wanting to reserve one!

A couple of weeks ago we decided to put the GH5 to test and send it out into the field with a talented local cinematographer and Zeiss Lens Ambassador James Cawley (@jamesdcawley)! James took the GH5 out to the Great Salt Lake and did some awesome test shots, to see how the camera actually holds up to the high expectations photographers have for it. For those who aren't familiar with this game-changing camera, head over to this post to get a quick summary of it's features before you keep reading.

James had a pretty elaborate set-up going into his test-run with the GH5. Keep in mind, James is a professional cinematographer and wanted to really test the limits of this camera in the professional world. But the great thing about the GH5 is that it is designed for photographers and filmmakers of every level, you definitely don't need this whole setup in order to get the most out of the camera. In fact, the camera has a 5-axis image stabilization in the body and depending on the lens your attaching, that number can go all the way to a 9-axis image stabilization.

James' rig includes the GH5, with a Metabones adapter, an 85mm Zeiss Cine lens, and a Tiffen ND .9 filter, with an attached Shogun. He tested the GH5 out by taking a few photos and then also doing a video with a professional model, you can watch it below.

Here's James' overall impression of the GH5:

"Shooting on the GH5 was an unexpected surprise. The quality of the internal recording both in 4K and HD (180fps) was amazing for the price point of this camera and felt very cinematic.  The slow motion image quality and low light usability have definitely been improved from the GH4.  Overall I'm very pleased with this great little camera, in fact I'm so impressed I'm likely going to purchase one to shoot some of my travel, lifestyle, & short film projects!"   - James Cawley, Zeiss Lens Ambassador 

As you can see, it's pretty dark out there but the quality coming out of the camera is still pretty impressive.

Watch James' video he put together of the other shots he captured out at the Great Salt Lake! We think you'll be impressed with the quality that comes straight out of the camera, especially keeping in mind the low-light conditions he was shooting in.


James also put together this video that shows you all of the menus and functions of the new Panasonic GH5.


Pre-order your GH5 today here! If you are still not convinced, or have any questions call our store and let us know what you think!

March 2017

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