New Canon EOS 77D - What to Expect?

The new EOS 77D fits on the totem pole right between the Rebel T7i and the EOS 80D, and incorporates a lot of the same features as the 80D, but at a lower price-point: $900 body-only compared to the 80D's $1100 price. Based around the same 24MP sensor, the 77D also features the same 45-point AF system, but incorporates an updated Digic 7 processor (compared to Digic 6 in the 80D).

The 77D is certainly less bulky than the 80D, weighing in at barely one pound compared to 1.4 pounds for the 80D. This camera offers a great upgrade to someone currently using a Rebel (or similar) camera, and is also highly-recommended for beginner photographers. The 77D offers greater speed and slightly more involved control layout than the also newly-announced Rebel T7i.

The lockable rear 'quick control dial' is a nice feature that you can't get on the lower-end models like the Rebels. It enables you to take full-control over the exposure and other settings.

The 3", 1.04 million-dot touch-sensitive rear LCD is very-well laid out and easy to operate for full functionality. In live view and movie modes, the screen can also be used to set focus point by touch. Dual Pixel autofocus means that like the EOS 80D, servo AF can be used in these modes, too.

Unlike Canon's Rebel-class DSLRs, live view is enabled via a dedicated button, just to the right of the camera's viewfinder. This button can also be used to initiate movie recording. The EOS 77D offers a fairly standard HD video feature set, and can record up to 1080/60p. A microphone port is available for recording higher quality audio. It does not do 4K video, which to beginners may not be a deal breaker.

A built-in interval timer is a handy feature, and again, not something found on Canon's lower-end Rebel-series models. Very nice for filmmakers capturing a lot of time-lapse footage.

Another feature not found on the Rebel T7i is an electronic eye sensor, which automatically turns off the rear LCD when the camera is raised to your eye.

Quoted battery life is exactly the same as the new Rebel T7i: 600 shots per charge (CIPA standard) using the optical viewfinder and 270 shots with live view.

The 77D features built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It also has NFC, for easy pairing with Android devices. Canon has promised a major update to its Camera Connect app, which will offer a more intuitive user interface. But Wi-Fi is a nice feature, making it easy to send your pictures straight to your phone.

The Canon EOS 77D will be available at pictureline on March 30th for $900 body-only, $1050 if purchased in a kit with the new EF-S 18-55mm F4-5.6 IS STM, or $1500 in a kit with EF-S 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 IS USM. Along, with the 77D be sure to keep your eye out for the Canon T7i, both cameras will be released simultaneously.

More in-depth review can be found here.

March 2017

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