Nikon KeyMission360: Nikon virtual reality action camera

Nikon made a surprise announcement at CES when they introduced the KeyMission360. This is the first in a family of Action Cameras, and presumably the only one that will shoot true 360° video in 4K. This small square camera, is similar in size to the GoPro Hero 4, but unlike the GoPro it has a image sensor and lens on the front and the back.


This positioning allows the KeyMission360 to shoot 360 degree video in 4K. With images from each side the KeyMission360 combines them to create a single immersive, ultra-high-definition 360° video and still image.


The KeyMission360 is built to withstand the elements. Waterproof (approx. 100 ft./30m), and ready to stand up to dust, shock and low temperatures, the KeyMission 360 also features electronic Vibration Reduction (VR), enabled through applications during playback, that reduces the effects of camera shake to help produce sharp and crisp video quality.

Nikon will exhibit reference models of the KeyMission 360 at the Nikon booth at the 2016 CES January 6-9. The KeyMission 360, the first of Nikon’s lineup of action cameras, along with a variety of dedicated accessories, will officially be released in Spring 2016.

January 2016

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