Panasonic GX85 Review

PANASONIC-REVIEW-BLOGSalt Lake Community College Visual Art and Design Department takes 8 advanced photo students to Southern California each year to be immersed in photographic history and meet influential leaders of the field. The amazing work they were able to see ranged from Daguerreotypes to Nick Brandt's "Inherit the Dust" series. This year, Panasonic loaned students the soon-to-be released GX85 to capture their adventures. DMC-GX85KK_ALT02

The LUMIX DMC-GX85 is Panasonic's handsome new compact mirrorless system. The small body packs a big punch with 4K photo and video recording capabilities, a powerful electronic viewfinder, 5-axis in camera stabilization, and other new user-friendly features.

The complete micro-four thirds kit, paired with 12-32mm lens (24mm-64mm Full Frame equivalent), appeals to enthusiasts with an affordable $799 price tag. Its professional new features, however, cater to all levels of photographic expertise. High ISO performance and 5-axis in-camera stabilization make this the ideal low-profile street photography tool. The LUMIX DMC-GX85 pioneers as a micro-four-thirds body lacking an anti-aliasing filter, which allows for maximum per-pixel clarity. This compact kit is equipped with the latest-to-date in Panasonic's 4K photo and video technology, including post-focus.

After spending a weekend with the ultra-compact mirrorless camera, the photography students shared reactions that the LUMIX DMC-GX85 was perfectly portable for travel and discreet street photography. The post focus and in-camera processing also gained major points with the students as they were on their photography tour. These features ensure you never miss a tack-sharp shot, and maximize your travel time as you share photos on the go.

LUMIX GX85 Student Images

11 Students admiring images at a unique Nick Brandt exhibit


02 Students explore in-camera image processing

07 "Thanks for letting us use the GX85 - that camera is awesome! It definitely got me psyched for mirrorless capabilities!" -Kevin Wellman

01 Professor Terry Martin introducing social documentary photographer, John Free, to his students

03 05 10

May 2016

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