Introducing the Profoto A1X: Now Available for Sony

Profoto recently announced the A1X Speedlite to its product lineup—an updated version from Profoto's A1 Speedlite.

Profoto A1X Speedlite available at pictureline

The A1X is a round head flash that offers a more natural look. It comes with a set of light-shaping modifiers including a Dome Diffuser, Bounce Card, Wide Lens, Gel Kit and a Soft Bounce—all which can be easily attached with the built-in magnetic mount. 

Major Differences Between Profoto A1 and A1X

Although both speedlites are similar, the Profoto A1X has more of just about everything. Unlike the A1, which is only available for Canon and Nikon users, the A1X is now available for Sony. What a happy day for all the Sony users out there, am I right? In addition, the A1X has a more powerful battery at 450 shots vs. 350 shots, faster recycling time at a maximum of 1.0s vs. 1.2s and an updated user interface. The Profoto A1X is retailed at $1095 while the A1 has dropped in price and is now $795.

Profoto A1X Off-Camera Kit 

The Profoto A1 and A1X are on-camera speedlites but both can be used as an off-camera light when used in connection with the Profoto Connect. The A1X Off Camera Flash Kit comes with both the A1X and Profoto Connect. The kit retails at $1195. Essentially, you get the Profoto Connect for $100 rather than $300 when you buy the kit.

Here's an example of the A1X in use below:

Models posing for photo taken with Profoto A1X Speedlite

So which one will you add to your gear bag? The new and improved A1X, the Off Camera Flash Kit, or the discounted A1?  

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