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ZionParkGuide Zion National Park photographs by Bret Edge

eFotoGuide presents Zion National Park:

By the time you reach Zion National Park’s doorstep, you’ll be a seasoned professional. Bret Edge and Aaron Bates have poured their passion of travel and landscape photography into a comprehensive ebook series - allowing you to develop a comfortable feel of the park from your computer or cell phone screen. The Zion National Park eFotoGuide offers strategic instructions to capture vivid landscape shots while providing all the need-to-know about directions, park regulations, wildlife information, best photographic conditions for each location, and more. Time frames for individual routes and equipment checklists guarantee that perfect photographs will be no concern along your expedition.

eFotoGuide is the brainchild of nature photographers Bret Edge and Aaron Bates. It is an unparalleled series of guidebooks developed to assist photographers at all levels of expertise in identifying ideal photo opportunities of landmarks at popPool-and-Falls-in-Water-Canyonular national parks throughout the US.  Bret is a popular photography workshop leader in Moab, Utah, where his images are on display year-round at his studio - The Edge Gallery.  Aaron is a highly sought after commercial photographer in Austin, Texas, and a passionate supporter of wild places. Both brilliant, creative minds travel by second nature and have produced a consummate guide series by offering their familiarity of the land from both explorer and photographer standpoints.

This polished and descriptive manual illustrates the perfect map of Zion National Park for first-time visitors as well as those who have traveled the park, but still seek to recreate the beautiful scenery in lasting artwork. The guide is simple to navigate. Locations of interest are divided by ideal time of day to visit, while keeping in mind lighting, travel time, experience levels, and typical foot traffic along trails. A brief description of the ambiance of each location allows you sample which sites appeal to your touring and photography interests. Timelines of park highlights effectively map out your visit, no matter the length of stay,  so you don't miss your favorite spots.

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July 2015

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