The Importance of Shooting RAW


Visit the link below to download your free DPP editing software - have your Canon product serial number on hand.

Canon USA released the latest version of its Digital Photo Professional photo editing software (DPP v. 4. 3. 1) on August 17, 2015. Canon’s prime objective of distributing this software to its users is to promote the highest possible quality from your work. DPP is free to Canon users, and offers features that make editing RAW images simple. The final product you obtain from shooting in RAW is significantly more vibrant than could be achieved from processed JPEG format images.

The DPP v. 4.3.1 update allowed for updates and support to cameras in the following areas:

In Digital Photo Professional 4.2.30 (Win/Mac) or later, when the "Fine Detail" picture style is applied to RAW images, image corruption may occur in certain environments*.  This issue is fixed in this release.

(from vs. 4.3.0) Support for PowerShot G3 X, EOS Rebel T5, EOS 60Da, EOS 60D, PowerShot G7 X, PowerShot G1 X Mark II

(from vs. 4.3.0) Fixes a phenomenon in which the Picture Style set on the camera is not transferred to Digital Photo Professional properly

(from vs. 4.3.0) Fixes a phenomenon in which the copy and paste command using keyboard shortcuts cannot be used for the folder name

improved color quality Enhanced color quality of RAW images through Canon's DPP software.

RAW format allows you to manipulate picture styles, white balance, contrast, lighting, and more, while maintaining native pixel quality and wide dynamic range. Many new photographers tend to steer away from shooting RAW files because these files require software that can manage 14-bit images without compressing the file's information. DPP allows you to reap the benefit of RAW, rather than feel limited by it, by offering simplicity without investing in expensive software.

As images rapidly increase in color and light capacity with today’s transformative technology, Canon’s DPP is evolving to maximize your workflow and produce remarkable results. It is designed to integrate easily into existing editing programs, such as Adobe Photoshop®.

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DPP is accompanied by free tutorials created by renowned photographer, Eddie Tapp, which walk you through simple editing techniques, HDR adjustment procedures, batch processing, workflow tips, and a number of other important post-production features that will make your images pop.


  • Faster, real-time adjustments
  • Improved RAW file workflow
  • Better, more approachable user interfaces
  • Compatible with 64-bit native environments
  • Colour adjustments for specific colour gamuts
  • Improved highlight recovery provides expanded tonality
  • Improved shadow recovery function
  • Support for movie playback
  • Auto Lighting Optimizer can be applied to JPEG images
  • Better integration with EOS Utility 3 software

RAW images provide a wider range of color adjustment options.

DPP_01 Make lighting and color corrections throughout your entire album with batch processing.
September 2015

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