Ilford and Paterson Film Processing Starter Kit

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Product Highlights

  • Everything required to process 2 rolls of film
  • Convenient and affordable way to start processing your own film
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Product Highlights

  • Everything required to process 2 rolls of film
  • Convenient and affordable way to start processing your own film

Included Items

  • Ilford and Paterson Film Processing Starter Kit
  • ILFORD 35mm Film Cassette Opener x 1
  • ILFORD SIMPLICITY Chemical Starter/Refill Pack
  • Paterson Super System 4 Developing Tank and 2 Reels x 1
  • Paterson Photographic Thermometer (12"/30cm) x 1
  • Paterson 600ml Graduates x 3
  • Paterson Chemical Mixer x 1
  • Paterson Film Clip Set x 2
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This co-branded ILFORD and Paterson starter kit contains everything* needed to process your first rolls of film. Ideal for those photographers who wish to capture their images on film and then either have them printed commercially or make their prints digitally after scanning their negatives. From a developer, stop bath, fixer and wetting agent to the perfect sized developing tank and measuring cylinders for processing two rolls of 35mm film at a time (or one 120 roll). It can also form the basis of a complete darkroom, where more specialized equipment to cope with larger prints is required than that provided for in the starter kit.

The technique to process your own film is simple and rewarding and made even easier thanks to ILFORD Simplicity chemicals which are pre-measured for speed and ease of use. While these chemicals can easily be used in most developing tanks the measurements were based on the Paterson 2-reel Universal Film Development Tank contained in this kit making it the ideal pairing.

*A darkroom, light tight space, or dark changing bag will be needed to load the film into tank.

ILFORD 35mm Film Cassette Opener

The ILFORD 35mm Film Cassette Opener is an extremely simple but indispensable tool for opening film cartridges just prior to loading and processing your own film.

ILFORD SIMPLICITY Chemical Starter Pack

ILFORD SIMPLICITY film sachets provide a complete set of processing solutions specifically aimed at spiral tank processing. When diluted each sachet will make up 600ml of working strength solution, ideal for spiral tanks made by Paterson and other manufacturers. ILFORD SIMPLICITY sachets contain ILFORD ILFOSOL 3 film developer, ILFORD ILFOSTOP stop bath, ILFORD RAPID FIXER and ILFORD ILFOTOL film wetting agent.

Paterson Super System 4 Developing Tanks

The Super System is simple to load, faster to fill and easier to clean than any other tank. It has a large diameter one piece lid and funnel which clips into place positively and securely, enabling the tank to be filled and emptied quickly. The Universal tank takes two 35mm film cartridges or a single 120/220 film cartridge. The Universal tank is also ready to go out of the box with two auto load reels included.

Paterson Photographic Thermometer

The Paterson Photographic Thermometer is designed for color processing due to its accuracy, but can be used with all photographic processes, including black and white. This 12"/30cm long thermometer is accurate from temperature ranges from 60º to 130ºF /15º to 65ºC.

Paterson 600ml Graduates

The well-known Paterson graduates are made from transparent polystyrene moulded under strictly controlled conditions to ensure total accuracy. They are of a cylindrical laboratory design giving uniform widely separated markings which are very easy to read. Resistant to most photographic chemicals.

Paterson Chemical Mixer

The mixer is specially shaped for efficient stirring and it incorporates a particle crusher. It is invaluable when making up solutions either from liquid concentrates or from dry powdered chemicals.

Paterson Film Clip Set

An essential accessory when drying film after processing. Both clips are spring loaded and have two spikes which firmly grip the film. One clip is weighted to ensure the film is held straight whilst the film dries.