ILFORD SIMPLICITY Chemical Starter/Refill Pack

IlfordSKU: 1178858

Due to the nature of hazardous chemicals included with this product, we are unable to ship this item. Available for in-store pick up only.


  • All chemistry required to process 2 rolls of film
  • Convenient and affordable way to start processing your own film
  • SIMPLICITY Chemical Starter/Refill Pack

  • SIMPLICITY Film Developer (60mL Sachet)

  • SIMPLICITY Stop Bath (30mL Sachet)

  • SIMPLICITY Film Fixer (100mL Sachet)

  • SIMPLICITY Wetting Agent (25mL Sachet)

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ILFORD SIMPLICITY Chemical Starter Pack
Chemistry TypeFilm Developer, Fixer, Stop Bath, Wetting Agent
Liquid Volume1 x 2.0 fl oz / 60.0 mL
1 x 1.0 fl oz / 30.0 mL
1 x 3.4 fl oz / 100.0 mL
1 x 0.8 fl oz / 25.0 mL
Paterson Super System 4 Developing Tanks
Developing Format2 x 35mm Film Rolls
1 x 120/220 Film Roll
Paterson 600ml Graduates
Liquid Volume22 fl oz / 600 mL