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If you haven't heard of The Bucketlist Family you are really missing out! This full-time traveling family will fill you with all kinds of wanderlust and jealousy when you see their photos. Garrett Gee is the father and photographer of the Bucketlist Family and his wife Jessica (or Settie) is the leader of the clan. They have two small children, Dorothy and Manilla, and together the four of them have been to over 30 countries and have been on at least 70 flights. Garrett documents all of their travels by taking incredible photos and videos. Today he gives us an inside look at what's in his camera bag at all times while his adventurous family is hopping from one country to the next! He has to be very selective about what gear he travels with in order to keep his bag portable and convenient! And for those who haven't heard of them, be sure to check out the Q&A Garrett and his family did at pictureline just a couple months back for our customers and their fans! We'll link that video at the end of this post.

What’s In My Camera Bag? By Garrett Gee!

We’re a full-time traveling family. It’s me, my wife and our two little kids, Dorothy and Manilla. I am a true believer in journal keeping and we document our memories on
, Facebook and YouTube.

This January we teamed up for our first-ever meet up in Salt Lake City hosted by Pictureline. We brought along the kiddos for a Q&A about all things travel, social media and photography.

I’m the family photographer/videographer. Recently, I upgraded my camera bag with some of the best gear! Check out all the gear I use on a daily basis.

A) Canon 5D Mark IV: I recently upgraded from the Canon 7D which served me very well
for years. But I already love this new 5D Mark IV. I especially love the video capabilities, long lasting batteries, and image grab from 4K video.

B) Canon 24–70mm 2.8L: I use this lens for just about everything. Its incredibly versatile taking good portraits and also landscape shots.

C) Canon 16–35mm 2.8L III: My wide angle lens is mostly used when I shoot underwater with my camera inside of my AquaTech housing.

D) GoPro Hero5 Black: My go-to adventure camera and for everything we do! Love the touch screen on the back! Usually film in 4k 30fps.

E) GoPro Karma Grip: This is a stabilizer for the GoPro Hero5 Black. It makes the video wonderfully smooth and not shaky. So if I’m chasing little kids around it nicely glides along. BEAUTIFUL!

F) Goal Zero Venture 70 Recharger: These chargers are super handy for long days out when you need to recharge phones or GoPros.

G) Cocoon Electronics Organizer: I’ve got a TON of cords. This just helps keep things a little more organized.

H) Thule Backpack: I searched long and hard for the perfect backpack for my life on the road as a full-time travel photo journalist. This one was the perfect pack for me. I fit everything (except my underwater housing) in this one backpack! It’s great.

I) DJI Mavic Drone: This drone is fantastic. It’s very lightweight and portable.

I also recommend the GoPro Karma. I just recently used the Karma for my first time and it was incredible. Especially love how quickly and easily it transitions from drone in the air to Grip/stable cam on the ground!

J) My Passport Portable External Hard Drive: I could only save one thing from my burning house.. this is it. My life. Nothing is ever stored on my computer, everything is on a portable hard drive.. and I have multiple back ups!

K) Moments lenses: This is Dorothy’s camera. We attach the lens to an old iphone with a neck strap. She wears it all the time and she LOVES it!

L) iPad Pro: I mostly use this for illustrating. I designed our adventure bands using the iPad Pro and my Apple Pencil for iPad Pro.

M) Sirui Tripod: Incredibly lightweight and nicely fits in my Thule Backpack. We use this for most of our family hug pics.

N) AquaTech Underwater Housing: I love getting quality shots under water. This housing comes with me when I free dive with the whales in Tonga or Dominica. I put this in my carry-on bag wrapped clothes to keep it safe.

O) AquaTech Underwater Housing Port: Makes for the awesome over/under water shots.

P) Apple Pencil for iPad Pro: Goes along with my iPad Pro for any sketching I want to do. This is how I designed our adventure bands.

Also, here is a video I made explaining “What’s In My Camera Bag?”


Feel free to contact us here at the store if you have any questions on Garrett's gear!

Bucketlist Family Q&A at pictureline: here.

Thanks for reading and as always see you next week!

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