Adapt with the Mirrorless Revolution using Metabones

metabones02The Sony A7R II is making its debut this summer to redefine mirrorless in an SLR-reigning market. The 42.4 megapixel, 4K bombshell offers supreme low light sensitivity and is the first mirrorless full-frame to hit the market with 4K video and still frame capabilities. The 5-axis in-camera stabilization compensates for camera shake, making the A7R II a suitable candidate for cinema enthusiasts and photographers alike.

A camera with resolution this high in a compact body is without a doubt turning heads, but professionals hesitate to empty their pockets for a whole new system. Lenses and camera bodies are an investment to take pride in. For most, determining your camera brand is a commitment you don't look back from.

A simple solution has arrived. Metabones has developed affordable adapters to expand your lens versatility. Whether you intend to transition into mirrorless, or simply add a lightweight second body to your camera bag without compromising resolution, Metabones adapters are designed to mend two mounts into one and make your DSLR lenses mirrorless-friendly. With a variety of options, the second camera of your choice is no longer a guilty pleasure. Get comfortable - your cameras can be friends now.mb_ef-e_bm4-04_s_1024x1024

Select the adapter that compliments your setup:

Many new Canon lenses are designed to smoothly accompany mirrorless bodies with the assistance of Metabones SmartAdapters, but we caution you to reference each adapter's compatibility chart to assure you achieve the performance quality you desire when pairing two brands. Many third party EF-mount lenses forfeit their autofocus capability when adhered to mirrorless cameras. Nikon follows a similar trend, as the motors in their lenses don't quite align with the mirrorless design. These lenses still offer stunning video performance and manually focused still images.

July 2015

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