The NEW Syrp Genie Mini and its APP!

Excited about your Syrp Genie Mini preorder? Take a moment to prepare! Syrp has launched the FREE corresponding app on iTunes (the Android app is en route!). The Syrp Genie App is designed for complete panning control – nothing but smooth time-lapse and video controlled from the palm of your hand. User-friendly presets are built in to p

repare beginners for the world of time-lapse.

There’s still time to reserve your pocket-sized Genie Mini! Preorder is available now and product is scheduled to arrive in June. This is the most portable Syrp motion control product available to date to convenience any project. Connectivity accessories are available and sold separately.

The Genie Mini can also be used with the original Genie to enable 2-axis control by syncing together for smooth Track + Pan time-lapse and video moves.

Simple panning motion in the Genie Mini will be controlled by the app at this point in development, but Syrp has big plans for updates over the next few months.
Stay tuned!



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