Panasonic Lumix CM1: The Largest Smartphone Sensor Yet


The CM1 has been   appropriately reviewed as a "camera first, phone second;" not to allude that it does not carry a very competitive and user friendly Android operating system. Its 1" 20.1MP sensor blows even iPhone 6's notable camera out of the water while matching it in screen size. The largest camera sensor to meet a smartphone allows the CM1 to rival professional-grade compact cameras. The CM1 is the only smartphone that makes it possible to travel with a single all-purpose device and not compromise image resolution.

To contribute to the energy surrounding a large smartphone camera sensor, Panasonic teamed up with Leica to produce a brilliantly clear lens. The CM1 features a unique 28mm lens designed by Leica, one of the world's premier optics manufacturers. Unlike other smartphone camera lenses, the Leica DC Elmarit Lens automatically compensates for and corrects common image distortions such as vignettes, flaring, ghosting and chromatic inconsistencies while increasing resolution and edge-to-edge sharpness.

Panasonic didn't stop at image quality when arranging the CM1's unique bouquet of features. Full manual control of the camera, and ultimate connectivity really set this smartphone apart. Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC, and cellular enabling are all availCM1_FRONT_cropped_1024x1024able on this elegant Android-platform device. The CM1 is designed to help you explore and unlock your creative potential. The lens-mounted manual control ring gives you quick access to key functions such as shutter speed, aperture and ISO. Further fine tune your images with the 3D level gauge, histogram, auto focus, manual focus assist and focus peaking.

By carrying the latest in Android technology, the CM1 is one of the few smartphones with the ability to shoot in RAW format. This rare feature leaves your images uncompressed and receptive to post-production editing and reformatting. RAW images can be manipulated more than smartphone-typical JPEG files, so images taken with the CM1 may produce high-quality prints, while other smartphones are limited to digital sharing.

The CM1 not only records in 1080p Full HD video, but stunning 4K as well, for an even more intense viewing experience. The 3840 x 2160 (8.3 pixel) native resolution is four times greater than Full HD, delivering unprecedented image clarity with dazzling detail. On top of 4K video recording, the CM1 offers 4K Photo Capture, which allows you to extract your favorite 4K still image from a recording, and 4K Pre-Burst. With 4K Pre-Burst, the CM1 captures 1.5 seconds of 4K footage with a single press of the shutter button, taking a total of 45 images. Scroll through them and select the one that best captures the moment. This setting is ideal for photographing moving objects, without cluttering your phone storage with hundreds of nearly-identical shots and large video files.  Pre-Burst recognizes the scene in 4K clarity immediately before and after your shot so you may commit to your original capture, or scroll to the precise moment you had hoped for.

Above all else, the CM1 is a powerful point-and-shoot camera with outstanding optical and sensor technology that will be sure to please the demands of any photographer.


July 2015

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