Finally! Fujifilm Cameras Can Now Be Configured for Webcams

PC and Mac users rejoice—Fujifilm has just released free software that enables you to easily use your Fujifilm camera in place of your built-in webcam, significantly stepping up your video-conference quality. The Fujifilm X Webcam utility brings medium format quality to popular platforms like Zoom and Skype that have seen a surge in popularity since many folks continue to work remotely. It’s currently only available for both Mac and Windows 10 users and allows you to connect your camera via a USB cable.

Once you’ve downloaded the software, the setup is simple and straightforward, and only takes a quick restart before you’re ready to roll.

Download the software here

Note that some camera settings can’t be adjusted while the camera is connected to the computer, so make sure you configure your setup prior to connecting. Per Fujifilm’s suggestion, choose manual exposure mode and select PREVIEW EXP./WB for SCREEN SETTING > PREVIEW EXP./WB IN MANUAL MODE in the setup menus. Check out this fast and easy tutorial:

Once you have your camera settings in place and you’re connected to your computer, the Fujifilm X Webcam utility should appear as an option in your videoconferencing application’s video and audio settings

Compatible cameras include:

While some settings, like autofocus, won’t be available across the board while using this software, it will allow you to adjust a number of other different camera functions, including Fujifilm’s proprietary (and popular) film simulation modes.

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