Profoto Ups Its Portable Lighting Game With the B10 Plus

Let's talk about the new BIG BROTHER in town...the Profoto B10 Plus, a new addition to the Profoto B10 product line. When the B10 came out last year, people loved it. Here at the store, the B10 duo kit is one of the most popular lighting sets in our rental department. With the new B10 Plus, photographers will have more creative leeway to make the ultimate lighting situation.  

The Profoto B10 Plus in use on lake

Double the Power

The B10 Plus has twice the power than a B10 and ten times the power of a typical speedlight. The B10 Plus uses the same battery as the B10 and can shoot up to 200 full powered flashes with 10-stops of power range.  

Made for Portability 

The B10 Plus was made to be portable... you know, get in, get out, yadda yadda. Compared to the B10 it’s only 2.5 inches longer and 1lb heavier. With its plug-in the wall power adapter the B10 Plus is at home in the studio as well as on location. And with the integrated continuous light, the B10 Plus can be used for both stills and video. When using it as a continuous light, users can adjust color temperature and power intensity on the light or use the Profoto iPhone app. 

The Profoto B10 Plus light being used with girl model

To be clear, the B10 Plus is not a replacement for the B1x. The B10 Plus was made to be light and fast while using OCF modifiers and small to mid-size umbrellas. The B1x is the professional standard for location shooting with its larger battery (400 full powered flashes) and the ability to use larger Profoto RFI modifiers and umbrellas.  

Easy to Use 

Like the B10, the B10 Plus can be triggered from any Profoto Air Remote including the new connect or from the A1 and A1X. You can also access the Profoto app and control your settings from your smartphone. Not to mention, the interface on the light is very simple and easy to use. 

These small powerful lights help get the job done without getting in the way. To find out more about them or how to get your hands on one, click here. 



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