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The GFX 100: Fujifilm's New 102MP Medium Format System 

Fujifilm's new GFX 100 is changing the game as its first 102MP mirrorless medium format system. With decades of research and experience, Fuji has made breakthroughs in medium format auto-focus performance, by being one of the first to have 5-axis in-body stabilization providing 5.5 stops of shake reduction.

The Fujifilm GFX 100 is shown in multiple angles and will be available at pictureline

The Fujifilm GFX 100 Key Features 

The Fujifilm GFX 100 presents numerous new features for the purpose of three key things—Image quality, mobility and durability. 

High-Resolution Sensor 

The GFX comes with a high-resolution 102MP imaging sensor and an X-Processor 4 processing engine that can produce 16-bit images with amazing color consistency, strong shadow detail, and incredible dynamic range. This is the world's first mirrorless camera with over 100MP. It is also the world's first BSI and copper wiring sensor in large format. Copper wiring is used within the sensor rather than aluminum because copper is six percent faster than aluminum. 

In most cases, when using a large sensor, you have to compromise for a lower ISO setting. With the GFX 100, that isn't the case. Impressively, the GFX 100 can go up to 102,400 ISO. It also can go up to 14 stops of dynamic range. 

Large Format for Video 

In addition to still photography, the GFX 100 will make waves in the film industry. It is now the first mirrorless large format camera to have 4K video, 4:2:2 and 10 bit. Due to the large format, there is less noise, wide dynamic range and beautiful skin tones. 

Image Stabilization

Due to the high-resolution image sensor, image stabilization is critical. Like we mentioned before, the GFX 100 is the first medium format camera with built-in 5-axis image stabilization to ensure image clarity and sharpness. It can take tack sharp images while hand holding the camera. It only weighs about 2.86 pounds and can be carried by a heavy-duty drone. 

Auto Focus for Medium Format 

When compared to the competition, autofocus on the GFX 100 dominates. There are AF phase detection pixels across almost the entire sensor, allowing photographers access to focus on their subjects at any point in the frame. There is 3.78 million phase detection pixels within the sensor and the autofocus is as fast as 0.05 seconds. 

The latest face and eye detection AF from the X-T3 and X-T30 is incorporated in the GFX 100. The face and eye detection can even work in low light settings with the ability to work in -2EV.  

The Viewfinder 

In a typical mirrorless camera, the viewfinder has around 2.36 million dots and in higher quality mirrorless cameras, there are 3.69 million dots. The GFX takes it another step further with 5.76 million. You can zoom up to 20x and it will zoom up to the exact point you focus on. 

With all new specs, the GFX 100 gives cinematographers and filmmakers new avenues to express their creativity. For more information click, here. 


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