The Instax SHARE SP-3: Printing Photos Straight From Your Smartphone

Printing photos helps preserve memories. If you’ve ever seen a photo of your great-grandparents, it was most likely printed. Even if you saw an image online, it must have been a scan or copy that came from a print. Now with the internet and digital technology, printing has become less and less popular. People now prefer their photos stored on their computers or mobile devices for fast and easy access. I will say it’s nice to always have a personal archive of photos right at your fingertips, but there is something about having the physical print that makes looking at the small digital version on your phone not as satisfying. That's where the instax SHARE SP-3 comes in handy.

With Fujifilm’s SP-3, printing those photos on your smartphone or device is so easy and fun! You can select images from your Instagram, Facebook, Google Photos, Flickr or Dropbox accounts. Transferring images is easy when you use the Instax SHARE app. All you’ll need is a Wi-Fi connection and your images are ready to print to the SP-3 printer.

The instax share app

Printing only takes 13 seconds and is even quieter than the SP-2. To produce high-quality images when printing, the SP-3 develops colors by delivering light to color pigments and producing chemical reactions. It provides high resolution with print pixels of 800 x 800 dots and of 318 dpi for clear, sharp images.

fujifilm INSTAX share xp-3 printer examples

One fun feature to mention is that the SP-3 can produce a split image, creating two prints from one image. Not only that, but it can print collages and add filters. If you have a Fujifilm digital camera, you can easily print your images straight from your camera by using the “Instax SHARE” setting. For more information, check it out on Fujifilm’s websiteThe SP-3 is the perfect gift and is available for $199.95.

Compatible Models

  • X-E3
  • X-T2/X-T20/GFX50S (Firmware compatible with SP-3 will be available in late November)
  • X-Pro2/X-T1/X100F (Firmware compatible with SP-3 will be available in late December)
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